July 5, 2017


singed so must be done.

March 30, 2017

February 3, 2017

January 28, 2017


I feel very luck that the three hats I wear find me in the centre. Artist, Fashion Designer, and Early Years Educator. I would never be able to afford my new boots.

...stay tuned will post when they are finished being made.

January 5, 2017

Twigg&Hottie thanks for all the love.

Twigg&Hottie the dress shop on Main Street in Vancouver has closed its door after 13 years of serving and fostering thoughtful fashion in our community. For at least 11 of those years they sold my slow fashion every Fall and Winter. Every time I saw that they had put my creations in their window display I felt so excited. Because of them I have had my fashions featured with other local designers in news paper articles. I even had one of my capes in a runway show in Portland, OR and had a whole page photo in Momentum Mags article about the show. For the support and their drive to maintain their values of thoughtful eco friendly fashion I am truly grateful. I am also excited for their new individual adventures and their collective forward progress of their fashion line we3. Stay tuned to them by signing up for their news letter.

October 24, 2016

Togo Cup Sleeve

togo cup sleeve

Togo Cup Sleeve
Made from reclaimed woollen sweaters this togo cup sleeve is almost zero waste. I used the bits leftover from larger projects to create it.

(Here is to using just a little less paper with your hot togo beverage)

quincey erin

go find them at Ainsworth on Granville Island

October 12, 2016

Hair ties.

Two buns and one pink eye
Another almost zero waste project. I love my long hair but it truly is a pain and I need to keep it up when I work. So while I was home sick I worked on how to make some funky hair ties with some of my leftover scraps. I thought two would be good and then I could have two buns. Well I got carried away cutting out circle and I think in the end I had 35 or so.

the many circles
a few on cards all ready to go to shop